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MAR 22
Release of "From Here" Derrick Harvin

At Groove Elation we are proud to present the debut album from Producer / Songwriter and Keyboardist Derrick Harvin!  "FROM HERE" has been a long time coming.  Derrick's album shows true virtuosity regarding the production and the content of the songs.  After over a year in the studios from writing and recording to mixing and mastering, the time spent was well worth it!  


FROM HERE shows a muscal journey of an artist that has been the brains behind so many other artists, from 50 Cent, Hilary Duff, Chaka Khan, Natasha Bedingfield, Betty White, and Kevin Cossom along with Erly Thornton and many independent artists, to come into his own as a world class solo jazz keyboardist.


Drawing from personal experiences as he evolved through some of life's toughest situations Derrick's music reflects emotion and takes you on a journey that you will find very enjoyable.  Modeled after one of his musical influrences, Derrick's CD is "Cuburtsonesque" in excitement.  He makes listening to the keyboard in a jazz project exciting.   


Find out more about Derrick Harvin at his web site Derrick


JAN 01


Let us introduce you to a new artist that has been quietly producing fabulous music for platinum selling artists all over the country but is now ready to show the world just who he is!  Ladies and Gentlemen, Producer Songwriter Keyboardist Derrick Harvin is ready to present his sound.  Look for an album release this Spring.  Read Derrick's full bio on the Artists page. 



We're are thoroughly astonished and grateful to announce the single "In Transit" by Erly Thornton has crossed the border and is now in the Billboard top 30.  This is a very unusual feat for an independent label artist to reach this far into the mainstream without the assistance of a major label.  "The music truly stands on its own merit" is the comment heard from reviewers.  And it does. The track was produced about 1/2 way through the recording of the In Transit project when the momentum really started picking up.

"At that time we had gotten the kinks out of the studio and were getting more adept at setting up and recording efficiently" stated Erly Thornton in a recent interview.  

"We started to get into a good pattern of working where Derrick (Harvin) would send over the scratch track and I had only a few days or so to come up with a melody, horn harmonies, and work out a solo that fit the song.  People think that you just go into the studio and record, but it actually taks a lot of pre planning so that when you get in there you know what you are doing and you don't waste time"

In Transit was recorded at Maximum Entertainment studios in Orlando FL.  "Danny had just set up in this wonderful location in downtown Orlando right by Lake Eola in one of those refurbished houses from the 30s.  The place was gorgeous with mahogany and cherry wood everywhere and the recording room had a real nice ambiance and feel." remarks Erly about the recording process.  

"He needed someone to come in and stretch the studio to its limits. He he gave us a pretty good rate and put up with our late, late, very late hours!"  Erly relates with a smile.  "Sometimes we did not start until midnight and end at 3:00 or 4:00 am.  Danny would be there with his key waiting to lock up."

In Transit was recorded in a session just like that, starting late in the evening.  "I remember it got really exciting when we were working over the bridge and Derrick came up with a harmony on synth that you can just barely hear, but if it was not there it would completely alter the intensity of that section." he exclaims.  "It was really exciting that night.  When we finished we were extremely happy with the product and we spent another 30 minutes after packing up just talking about it in the parking lot....At 4:00 freaking AM!"

Pick up In Transit from iTunes or get the entire project in hand from

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