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Groove Elation Records

is a company founded by artists for artists.  Being a musician is challenging enough!  Spending decades mastering your craft, creating original music, possibly managing a band and always putting it all on the line every performance is the mark and life of the professional artist.  It can be a full time task.

Moving to the next level and releasing your own recording project to the world can be overwhelming and beyond the capabilities of even the most business savvy musician, especially if you are doing it for the very first time.  It takes proper planning and coordination of numerous resources performing a plethora of tasks that all have to occur within a targeted window:  digital and print marketing, radio promotion, targeted performances, branding and style, video and photography.  All of these need to come together in a "Perfect Storm" in order for your project to be successful and not become yet another garage full of unsold CDs.

At Groove Elation Records we have the proven methodology to help artists with the planning and execution of their release.  We provide services where we can offload as many of these tasks as possible letting the artist do what they do best:  Create the music and execute their performances.

Artists retain ownership of their material and masters.  Groove Elation Records is interested in building a community of artists that we serve and that also assist each other through musical collaboration.


Release Planning

G.E.R. will help you develop a plan for your release that includes recommended activities, timelines and tasks tailored to provide the optimum opportunity for success.

Digital Marketing

G.E.R. can help you execute a digital marketing plan that uses social media to effectively grow and market to your fan base.

Artist Branding

G.E.R. can help you develop and refine a clear, consistent and attractive artist brand that will provide you a distinct identity.

Photography and Videography

G.E.R. can provide professional video and photography services to create an artist portfolio essential for effective branding and web presence.

Radio Promotion

G.E.R. can coordinate with proven radio promoters on your behalf to get your project the airplay it deserves


Event Coordination

G.E.R. can assist you with planning large performances and events and provide much needed logistical assistance.  We can be your street team.

Groove Elation Records, LLC
was founded in 2004 by saxophonist Erly Thornton when he was starting to write songs for his debut project "My Life".  After studying the business of music and learning the worrisome stories of artists never having proper copyrights and losing access to their own master recordings he was determined to avoid the experience himself.  Groove Elation Records became his launch pad where he eventually and quite successfully released his debut CD in 2008.  

During the 4 years until release he experienced many of the pitfalls that plague the independent artist.  Not knowing what steps needed to be taken.  Not knowing which companies offered services that were actually effective.  He went down many paths that turned out to be a waste of time and resources.  Over time he learned what services and activities produced results and what services to eliminate.  By the release of "My Life" he had it down to a science.

The release of "In Transit" was even better with the music showing up as #1 Jazz cut for several weeks on Music Choice and reaching Billboard top 30 Jazz Charts over several months.  Erly hopes that the release methodology he and his team has developed through experience will help new artists go even farther!  

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